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Blood Trail Leads Police To Rocklin Golf Course Burglary Suspect

ROCKLIN (CBS13) - A trail of blood led Rocklin police to a burglary suspect at a golf course.

At 10:40 p.m. Monday, a burglary alarm was tripped at Sunset Whitney Golf Club. The alarm company said they could hear noises coming from inside the building.

The burglar broke three large glass windows with his bare hands and only made off with $50 in cash and a roll of quarters.

Travis D'Andrea is accused of the smash-and-grab. Rocklin police say he sure made their job of finding him pretty easy.

"The guy couldn't have been the most intelligent guy of all time," course pro Cole Gibson said. "Punched through, grabbed the blinds and pulled them down to try and see what was in there and cut himself up a bit."

Police responded to the burglar alarm, finding the smashed windows and a lot of blood.

Travis D'Andrea
Travis D'Andrea (source: Rocklin P.D.)

"You could kind of tell where the guy was and what he touched, doors he opened and where he was going because he cut his hand up enough so you could see where he had been," Gibson said.

Officers followed a trail of evidence - blood drops. The drops led to a walking bridge at the golf course. That's where cops called in the K-9, and that was enough to get him to come out and surrender.

D'Andrea was taken into custody covered in cuts and blood.

"Pretty bad injuries to the hands to where he had some bone showing and stuff," Gibson said.

And investigators say they literally caught him red-handed, not just with blood. The stolen $50 and change was being returned to the club.

"I don't know how serious he was about value or whatnot because he didn't do very good," Gibson said.

Just six months ago this same country club was burglarized in the same manner and according to surveillance video it even looked like the same guy.

The club says the damage will cost about $7,000 to repair.

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