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Audio: The Carmichael Dave Show - August 19, 2011

Dave is out sick today so Jason Ross and Drew Hoffar take over for him. The show begins with the guys wondering what Dave has to keep him out for the day. Then Jason and Drew try to decide who would be on the team if you took the best players of the Raiders and 49ers. The guys get a surprise drop in from the "High-Flyer" Henry Turner. Henry talks to the guys about the lockout and his experience of playing overseas.

49er Play-by-Play man Ted Robinson calls in to talk about the 49er Raider game on Saturday. Jason and Drew finish the made up Raider 49er team and decide that the team would go 7-9 with the 49er schedule. In the final hour Jason and Drew talked about meeting famous athletes and celebrities, and callers called in with there best stories.

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