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'I Have No Regrets': Sacramento County DA Anne Marie Schubert Drops Out Of California Attorney General Race

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The California Attorney General race in the 2022 primary was particularly exciting for Sacramento residents, though, the outcome was not what some might have wanted as the current county District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert announced she's bowing out of the race.

Schubert stepped in front of a podium at her election party Tuesday night to announce to her supporters here that she will not be continuing on in the race. She focused her speech primarily on crime and law enforcement expressing her hope for California's future that it is tough on crime.

'The laws and the policies and the elected officials of this state must reflect that human toll of crime. And so for me, I ran this race for one reason: because it's all I've ever done and because I love this state an I believe in accountability and public safety," she said. "I have no regrets."

Schubert is most well-known for prosecuting major cases including putting Joseph D'Angelo, better known as the Golden State Killer, behind bars and deciding after Stephon Clark was killed that the officers involved had acted lawfully, proving her devotion to the law enforcement community.

With Schubert out and current AG Rob Bonta moving on to the November election, it leaves the two republicans to fill that second spot — former Assistant U.S. Attorney Nathan Hochman, who was in second behind Bonta in the primary, and private Attorney Eric Early.

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