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Woman Attacked, Dog Killed By Pit Bull

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A North Braddock woman is recovering from a dog attack.

Sheila White says she was walking her small dog along Copeland Street Monday evening when a neighbor's Pit bull got out and attacked her.

She was bitten on her side and her dog was killed in the attack.

White was taken to the hospital -- where she received a series of shots, including a rabies vaccine.

"It came out and attacked me, then it attacked my dog," she said, "which ended up killing my dog. He literally shredded my dog and I myself am pretty banged up."

She says it wasn't the first encounter she's had with the Pit bull.

"This dog has ran out before, the police have been called, nothing has been done and now I've lost my best friend," she added.

White says police are investigating what happened.

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