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Window Washers Dress As Superheroes, Cheer Up Kids At Children's Hospital

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A lot of people are celebrating Halloween today. But how to you celebrate if you are in a hospital bed?

For kids at Children's Hospital, it often means trick-or-treating in the halls. So, a Pittsburgh company decided to bring a Halloween party to the kids.

Did you know America's favorite wall crawler does windows? Four crew members from Allegheny Window Cleaning, Inc. worked in costume to brighten the day of sick kids and their families.

"Do it for the kids. They enjoy it. We enjoy it. It's a good time for everybody," said Mark Errico, who dressed up as Captain America.

Well, most everybody.

"I thought it was very cool. My husband was more of a big kid than he cared," said Andrea King, of Economy, Pa.

Don't think for a minute it was just the kids who cared that superheroes were hanging out in Lawrenceville on Halloween.

"The lady over here said the kids are loving it. I'm like, I'm loving it. It was really cool," said Greg King, the father of a patient. "It was really nice that they did that and everybody was excited to see it."

One crew member says it's a small way to give back because Children's gave so much to him.

"I had a young daughter that had an incident when she was about 3," said Ed Matuizek, of Allegheny Window Cleaning, Inc. "I followed an ambulance to Children's Hospital. Everything's okay today, but I know what a lot of these people are going through."

So, for a day, these superheroes aren't worried about wiping out crime as much as they are concerned with wiping dirt and grunge from the windows of the 12-story hospital.

"A lot of kids will hit the streets tonight in their neighborhoods with their families, and unfortunately, these kids won't; so, we are just trying to bring a little joy and a little love to the day," said Matuizek.

And while these superheroes rely on ropes and harnesses, this day is really all about their super-sized hearts.

"When you think you are having a bad day, look in the window. You know what I mean? It's tough for those kids," said Errico. "We know it. They know it. Their parents know it and anything to bring a little smile to their face and help them out."

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