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Billions In Unclaimed Property Await Your Claim In Pa. Treasurer's Office

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Cold hard cash.

Some of it could be yours if your name is one of thousands on the state treasurer's unclaimed property list.

It could be a check you didn't get. Maybe a forgotten insurance policy, or stock certificates you never cashed in.

And it's not only money.

The Treasurer has a vault full of property, unclaimed items from safe deposit boxes, even recovered stolen property. The state recovers millions in unclaimed property every year.

And, every year, the treasurer is required to put ads in local papers listing the names of people who are owed at least $250.

But not everyone gets the message.

"This was a big surprise, actually," said Liz Gray, of the South Side. "I had a couple friends email me this morning and say, 'Hey, the state owes you money.' And I was like, 'What?'"

Right now, the treasurer is holding $3 billion in property for one in every 10 Pennsylvanians.

Just type in your name on the Treasury website to see if some of it's yours. It's really very easy.

We went to When the screen showed up, KDKA money editor Jon Delano typed in his last name, clicked search and a whole lot of Delanos showed up.

Unfortunately, his name was not on there. But in the years he's been doing these stories, he's found money owed to him and relatives.

If you would like to check your name, visit:

The list keeps on growing.

A good reason for you to keep on checking.

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