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TVD Season 4 Rebekah & Klaus Scoop

" The Vampire Diaries " boss, Julie Plec , spilled on more season 4 scoop and revealed Rebekah ( Claire Holt ) and Klaus' ( Joseph Morgan ) paths for next fall.

We got some new goods on Thursday regarding what is in store for Original vampire siblings Rebekah and Klaus in season 4. Speaking to TVLine , Julie revealed some interesting information on the pair about what they will encounter as their journey continues.

Dropping the bombshell that they planned on killing Klaus at the end of season 3, Julie revealed that they decided against it when they realized how much story the fan-favorite vamp still held in him.

"When you have actors that are that good, making such a distinct mark in the roles that they are playing, you have to let your storytelling evolve and wrap around that a little bit," Julie explained, "We collectively decided around the middle of season 3 that we weren't done with Klaus."

So, when season 4 begins, Klaus will thankfully still be around, although he is going to reside in Tyler's ( Michael Trevino ) body for a while... But, as Julie said in earlier interviews during the CW upfronts , we never actually saw Klaus body parish on the season 3 finale, so there is "a 99.9% likelihood that body did not burn up in that coffin."

Then, referring to Rebekah, Julie said she was "very excited" about what will develop for her in season 4. "With Rebekah, who is so vulnerable and damaged, but has that tough exterior, we get to see a queen bee in action; we get to see a mean girl."

The now "ostracized" Original, will be hated by all who love Elena ( Nina Dobrev ) because of her role in turning our innocent human heroine into a vampire. She will also have to face a very angry Matt ( Zach Roerig ), who now hates her for what happened to Elena.

"Once she gets over the hump of being 'World's Most Hated' in the yearbook, how will she live?" Julie teased, "And what will her life be like?"

Looks like Rebekah may be headed for some redemption, and as the lethal, but yet sweet perpetual teenage girl, she may actually earn some sympathy if she decides to pull a "ripper-no-more Stefanesque changeover."

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