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Trick To Staying Warm Could Be What You Eat

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A local doctor says you should consider more than how you bundle up your children for a cold bus stop, but also when you feed them.

Dr. John O'Neill at Allegheny General Hospital's emergency room says, "If you have a little bit of kid, or an elderly person, who gets a big meal and then goes out in the cold, they will get very cold because a lot of that blood supply will be shunted to digest that meal."

He goes on to explain: "And then when they step out into the cold they won't have that extra blood flow to the extremities."

He says they definitely need a good breakfast, but that you should allow 15 to 20 minutes after they've finished eating before they go outside.

In addition, he says both you and your kids should wear a hat and gloves. Although, he says mittens are even better at providing warmth.

Finally, he says don't let your kids bundle up too late or too soon when heading out.

"You don't want them to put the jacket on as their exiting the house so the cold air gets inside their jacket and gets next to their skin," says Dr. O'Neill. "But you don't want them to put it on so long before they go out that they start to sweat and get hot."

Experts suggest dressing in three layers to help stay warm.

The first layer should be next to the skin and be made of a moisture-wicking fabric.

The second should be something lightweight and insulating, such as a fleece sweater.

The third should be a heavy outside coat.

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