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Hollywood Slams Director Terry Gilliam For Anti #MeToo Comments

HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA)  --  Actor, writer and director Terry Gilliam is known for being a funnyman and Monty Python alum.

Some anti #MeToo comments he recently made have no one in Hollywood laughing.

In an interview with Agence France Press the 77-year-old  said the #MeToo movement has created "a world of victims."

While calling embattled producer Harvey Weinstein "a monster" he said he was only exposed because he is "such an a-hole."

Dismissing the sexual assault and harassment claims made by more than 20 women, Gilliam really stepped in it when he said, "Harvey opened the door for a few people. A night with Harvey, that's the price you pay."

Some women did well by accepting his sexual advances, he added. "We're talking about adults with a lot of ambition."

He also compared #MeToo to mob rule and said the movement has gotten "silly."

Twitter literally went berserk.

The Minnesota-born Gilliam also politicized what he called a great irony. Despite the #MeToo movement being a huge success in a variety of ways, "a self-confessed p---y grabber is the president of the US and is just walking around." He renounced his American citizenship in 2006.

Barkin got another shot in.

And she still wasn't done. Later she tweeted a warning to all women. "My hard won advice: never get into an elevator alone with [Terry Gilliam.]

Comedienne Elayne Boosler was grossly offended by the idea that the price of fame was worth a night with Harvey Weinstein. We can't print her reply, but she suggested that just because Terry Gilliam engaged in a sex act with Weinstein, doesn't mean women should.

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