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Sweet Roll Hairstyler featured on Showcase Pittsburgh

Be on the lookout for a fabulous new hair product - THE SWEET ROLL HAIRSTYLER!  The inventor Laura Anzevino was at the KDKA studios being interviewed by John Cline for an upcoming segment of SHOWCASE PITTSBURGH.  Daisy from the Pittsburgh's CW Green Team and Caitlin Rickard got the chance to sit in as hair models, and everyone was amazed at the quick results!

How does it work?  You first need to start with clean hair, no products needed.  Laura takes pride in the fact that she created a quick, easy organic hairstyling system!  Heat the "roll" in the microwave for about 30 seconds.  Then, brush out your hair and roll the product in your hair, securing the ends with a clip.  There are multiple methods to place the "rolls" in your hair to get your desired look, so demonstration videos are provided on their website to give you ideas.  Then, simply let it set for about 5-20 minutes, depending on the type of hair and the desired curl.  And voila!  Beautiful curls in minutes!

Some other fun facts: Laura lucked out when Super Model Carol Alt discovered Sweet Rolls on their website.  Carol is a healthy living advocate and loved Sweet Rolls so much that she flew Laura to New York and had her on her show, A Healthy You and Carol Alt.

This time-saving product was also featured in the Oscar Celebrity Gift Bag!

Don't miss Laura and the Sweet Roll Hairstyler, featured on SHOWCASE PITTSBURGH on these dates/times:

  • Friday 7/22/16 from 9-10am on KDKA  
  • Monday 7/25/16 from 6-7am on the CW

For more information, check our the Sweet Rolls Hairstyler Website!

You can also see more photos from the interview for SHOWCASE PITTSBURGH in the SWEET ROLL HAIRSTYLER PHOTO GALLERY!

















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