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Sutersville Cleaning Up After Roaring Creek Causes Flash Flooding

SUTERSVILLE (KDKA) -- The surging creek roared through Sutersville Wednesday night like a freight train.

The Huston family considers themselves lucky; they only got a few inches of water into their basement.

"We had to throw out an armchair, carpets and things like that. We only had a couple of inches of water though, we were pretty lucky," said flood victim Jim Huston.

They probably were lucky compared to their neighbors who had their basement filled to the brim.

The home is now inhabitable.

Consider his other neighbor, a used car lot. Twenty-five cars were floating around that lot. They're badly damaged now.

"They're flood cars now. That decreases the value of them," says John Rack, of Superior Motors.

It's a big loss for a small car lot. The question now is, will insurance cover it?

"I'm going to find out," says Rack. "I just got covered for a loss on a robbery at the beginning of the month. I don't know how it's going to work out, to tell you the truth.

But the folks in Sutersville don't appear to be letting things get them down. They're cleaning up the mess and looking to the future.

"It's getting better. Tomorrow will be better," added Rack.

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