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Surveillance Video Released Of Brazen Downtown Armed Robbery

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Surveillance video has been released of a brazen armed robbery in Gateway Center.

A mother and three teenagers were held up at the Gateway Center fountain Sunday evening.

"I look at people and think, are they bad people - do they have guns, because I didn't look at those two guys like that."

The two abrasions left by the gun barrel pressed to her jaw will eventually fade, but the memory of being the victim of an armed robbery - will not.

"I'm just afraid and I'm afraid of who's outside my house. I'm afraid when I walk to lunch is someone gonna be around the corner. Is that gonna happen again?"

About 6:30 p.m. Sunday evening the woman, her 14-year-old daughter - and two of her daughter's friends were winding up a day of ice skating - when they were approached by two men-in their 20's near the Gateway Plaza Fountain.

"Don't make me shoot you - don't make me kill you - he said it a couple of times."

City detectives working the case released a surveillance video.

The men are seen arriving at the fountain, moving counter clockwise they sit on the edge on the basin, then getting up - going to the right - there the robbery takes place off camera.

Minutes later, the men are run from right to left - heading toward Penn Avenue.

"I think the gun itself - looking at the gun was the most scariest - I don't know why."

Fortunately no one was physically harmed, but the money - the credit cards and cells phones can be replaced, stealing your sense of security cannot.

"My daughter and her 2-friends are innocent little 14-year-olds they were trying to just have holiday fun."

Investigators are combing the area for more surveillance footage.

"There are certainly a lot of cameras around town - they are looking at the buslines."

Anyone with information is asked to call - police station Zone-2-detectives at (412) 255-2827.

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