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Student Hospitalized After Fight At Brashear High School

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - A disturbing fight inside Brashear High School left a 17-year-old student unconscious. Paramedics rushed him to the hospital early Friday afternoon.

KDKA's Meghan Schiller talked to the victim's mother. She said he's at the hospital with a concussion and wearing a back brace. She said the school called her Friday and said her son was unconscious and there was "a lot of blood." She said they asked her what hospital she wanted her son to go to for treatment.

The fight, captured on a student's cell phone, shows another student down on the ground in what appears to be teacher's headlock. That student's mother, Jahmeliah Burton, wanted to speak about what happened.

"A young mother just lost her son days ago at Oliver High School. I'm not trying to lose my son," said Burton.

Burton said her son and the male victim are friends and her son was trying to protect him from the attack. The student pictured in the video throwing the victim down on the ground and stomping on his head repeatedly has not been identified.

KDKA blurred the video to protect the minors involved and the victim, at the request of his mother. Some sort of scuffle in the hallway leads to the unidentified student picking up the alleged victim, dropping him on his head and then stomping his head and neck area repeatedly.

Burton wants to know why the teacher had her son in a headlock, versus breaking up the attack.

"That was my son that was being choked by the teacher while he was trying to help his friend that weighs 120 pounds soaking wet," said Burton.

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She said she's gone up to the school with the victim's mother and father before to address concerns over bullying from the other student involved. She said the meetings started as early as September.

"For his mother to take him out of school the other day and for him to come back to school the next day and have to deal with this and endure this -- this is really sad and scary," said Burton.

Pittsburgh Public Schools police are now handling the investigation and school officials tell KDKA:

"This morning, a fight involving multiple students occurred at Pittsburgh Brashear. One student was transported to the hospital for their injuries sustained during the fight. The students involved face school disciplinary action as well as possible charges."

Several school board members declined to speak to KDKA about the disturbing incident, with one saying, "at this point, we are still being briefed on what happened" and "it would be inappropriate" at this time.

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