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Pittsburgh Guy With Inspiring Story Lands Part On Hit Show 'Bull'

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- If you watch the CBS show "Bull" on Tuesday nights, you're likely to see a local guy with a pretty inspiring story.

John Siciliano grew up in Springdale, but during his college years, something happened that changed his life. KDKA caught up with Siciliano teaching his acting for the camera class at his alma mater, Point Park University.

He knows a thing or two about acting for the camera. He just landed a recurring character role on Bull. His character of Harrison was introduced a few weeks ago.

He plays an amputee and ex-FBI agent who was wounded saving the life of his former partner, Danny James.

"Something's going on here," said Siciliano, as he explained about the two characters' relationship. "She has the key to my apartment, and she's coming in with like a care package."

While there seems to be a romantic vibe, Siciliano won't reveal much about what happens: "We're going to have to see where that goes is all I can say."

Siciliano is pleased they chose an actor who is actually an amputee to play the part.

"And kudos, it was an amputee character, and they looked for an amputee to play it," he said.

It was back in college when a doctor was forced to remove part of Siciliano's leg after he was in a car struck by drunk driver.

"I just remember hearing that loud squealing of the brakes," said Siciliano.

The athlete and acting student was devastated, and he still gets choked up reliving the most painful moments.

"The doctor came in and said we had to amputate your leg four inches above your knee," said Siciliano. "Young kid in college doing what I was doing, it was hard."

But a brochure of paralympic athletes gave him hope. He put it at his bedside. And eventually, he was competing, too.

His disability also did not stop him from acting. He landed parts on "ER," "Grey's Anatomy," "NCIS" and "NCIS: Los Angeles" to name a few. And now of course, the role on "Bull."

"To get a recurring role on the number one CBS show, it's huge," he says.

He's also thrilled about the role because the show films in New York and that allowed him to leave Los Angeles and come back to Pittsburgh to help his dad with medical issues he's having.

Siciliano is also very grateful to Point Park for all the school has done in his life.

He'll be speaking Thursday night in Oakland about his experiences. For more information on the event, visit this Facebook page

So far he's been in two episodes of "Bull" and expects to be in more.

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