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Rental Electric Scooters Now Available In Pittsburgh

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - For the first time in Pittsburgh, rental electric scooters are now available.

As part of the Move PGH program, Pittsburgh has teamed with Spin and the first electric scooters are now available in the Manchester neighborhood.

There will be an expansion to other parts of the city at a later date, but these scooters do come with some rules.

"They are not permitted on sidewalks, there are devices that should be used in the street, bike lanes and the low-speed streets, they are not permitted on any street above 25 miles per hour, they are capped at 15 miles per hour," said Karina Ricks, the director of Pittsburgh's Department of Infrastructure and Mobility. "That's the fastest you will be able to go you need to park them in a legal parking space or next to a bike rack, you may not leave them on sidewalks."

Plenty of Pittsburghers took to the streets today to get a ride on the new scooters.

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