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Sisters Make Move To Pittsburgh Just For The Penguins

MOON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) -- Cindy Evancho's home office in Moon Township is packed with Pittsburgh Penguins memories. Her sister and next door neighbor, Darlene Evancho, shares her passion for the Pens.

They followed the Penguins when they were living in Arizona. They followed them when they moved to Wisconsin. For 30 years they followed them, before finally saying, "Hey, let's move to Pittsburgh."

"We moved here just for the Penguins," Darlene says.

"There was no other draw," Cindy adds. "We had no friends here. We had no job connections here. We had nothing here. We came for the Penguins. That was it."

Cindy began following the team when Mario Lemieux was starting out. Darlene followed her lead.

"She would explain it to me. What's off side, what's icing, and all of that," Darlene recalls.

"Our dad was born in Windber, Pa.," her sister adds. "So I remember as a little girl we started out being Steeler fans."

Still living in Wisconsin, the sisters bought a 20-game, half-season pass. It proved to be a traveler's nightmare.

"It got to be a lot," Cindy recalls. "So I said to her, 'Do you want to move here?' And she said, 'OK, we'll just look.' And before you knew it, she bought the house next door, and I bought this piece of property, and we ended up here."

Evgeni Malkin is Darlene's favorite player. Her sister?

"I really don't have a favorite Penguin," Cindy says.

"Yes you do," Darlene argues.

"I like Sid," her sister finally admits. "I remember when he was drafted. I was screaming through the house. Nobody knew who he was at the time, but I did."

They're hoping for another Stanley Cup. But, come ice or high water, Darlene pledges she'll be "Always a Penguin fan. Always."

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