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Key Figure In Unsolved Rachael DelTondo Murder Case Arrested In Separate Deadly Shooting

ALIQUIPPA, Pa. (KDKA) - State police say Sheldon Jeter Jr. is the prime suspect in a deadly Aliquippa shooting and he's been charged with criminal homicide.

A motive is unknown at this time, however, police say both Jeter and the victim knew each other well. In fact, police say Jeter and the victim Tyric Pugh lived with each other.

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State police say Tyric Pugh was gunned down multiple times late Friday night in Aliquippa. He was found dead in the middle of Kiehl Street.

Pugh's friends are wondering why he was gunned down. Nicole D'Jovin said Pugh was the friend who was there when you were feeling down, and his laugh filled up a room.

"He's not someone I'd expect that to happen to at all. Very sad. Heartbreaking," said D'Jovin.

Jeter told state police that he was with Pugh earlier in the evening, however he denied that he was with the victim when he was shot.

Police said surveillance video shows Jeter getting ice cream with Pugh and two other friends, and his vehicle was seen leaving Kiehl Street soon after Pugh was shot. That same vehicle was also spotted at the home the two shared nearby.

"He was with him earlier in day. When we interviewed him he said he was not with him at time of shooting so information we received we went off of footage," said Trooper Jim Long at the Beaver Barracks.

"At the scene we located shells to a .380 handgun. With the warrant we received we searched Jeter's apartment. We found a .380 handgun," said Long.


Jeter's name is not unfamiliar with police.

He made national headlines back in 2018, considered to be a person of interest in the Rachael DelTondo murder case. He was not officially charged with anything.

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Sources tell KDKA that what happened on Friday, which is now a homicide case, is unrelated to the DelTondo case.

The DA says they have still have yet to identify a person of interest in that case. However, he says the investigation into DelTondo's death is still active.

"We sympathize with family and community. It's been 2 years. It's been an agonizing 2 years. We understand what this has done to family and the community and the police department," said Beaver County District Attorney David Lozier.

Meantime, Jeter is in the Beaver County Jail. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 1.

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