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Pa. Rep. Shares Video Of His Firearms Training After His Home Is Vandalized With Human Feces

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BEAVER, Pa. (KDKA) -- A disgusting message was sent to a state representative. Now, he is sharing a message of his own.

It was Tuesday morning when Pennsylvania State Rep. Aaron Bernstine and his family woke up to a mess in their driveway.

Bernstine told KDKA that someone scattered trash, underwear and even human feces on his driveway and in his yard. Bernstine, a Republican representing District 10, suspects the vandalism was politically motivated.

Bernstine loves his family, his farm and his guns, and makes no bones about it. When he's not in Harrisburg or doing government business at home, on his farm is usually where you'll find him.

"You can see we have a lot of land out here, so we put a lot of rounds through a lot of firearms," said Bernstine.

After his driveway was vandalized, Bernstine put out a responsive message, sharing a YouTube video of him practicing tactical firearms training.

"I don't think there's any secret of my belief in the Second Amendment and the fact that I carry it at all times," said Bernstine.

The Representative understands he could never justifiably shoot someone for vandalism alone.

"Should someone attempt to do me or my family bodily harm, extreme bodily harm, or you're in fear for your life that we would take matters into our own hands," said Bernstine.

He wants his message of owning guns and knowing how to use them to serve as a strong deterrent.

"When someone comes on your property and puts human feces on you property, that's about as despicable as it gets," said Bernstine.

Bernstine believes our nation's political climate is making people feel empowered to commit property crimes.

"I think, right now, we're in a hyper-polarized environment. Regardless of where somebody stands on issues, whether you are a conservative Republican or a liberal Democrat, it's important that we respect people for those views," said Bernstine.

Bernstine just wants peace on his farm with his family and his animals. He is hoping that by putting his message out there he won't have any problems like earlier this week.

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