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"Price Is Right" Airs 8,000th Episode

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – It seemed like a pretty big deal when "The Price Is Right" celebrated its 1,000th episode.

That was back in 1976, when Bob Barker was still hosting.

Today, daytime's No. 1 rated series celebrated an even bigger milestone.

"Welcome to the 8,000th episode of 'The Price Is Right,'" said Drew Carey on Monday's show.

That's right, 8,000 episodes and people are just as excited today as they were decades ago.

"I really do enjoy talking to people in the audience and just getting to know them," said Carey.

Carey took over as host in 2007, when Barker retired after 35 years in the same role.
Other than having a different host, not much has changed about the show.

Thousands of people still come from all over the country to line up outside the studio to be one of just nine people called to "come on down."

The show's producer is Stan Blits.

"What I'm looking for is three things basically: energy, sincerity and potential comedy," he said. "When I say comedy, I'm not looking for jokes or anything like that, but they have to be genuinely super excited."

The audience is an enormous part of the chemistry of the show – and apparently the show's formula for success has worked.

"The Price Is Right" is still daytime's most watched program. And people live it for all the same reasons they did decades ago.

And maybe for decades to come.

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