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President Obama Interview with YouTubers Bethany Mota, GloZell and Hank Green: Watch Live

by Jay Tilles

President Obama will field questions today (Jan. 22) from representatives of the online audience, represented by popular YouTube personalities Bethany Mota, GloZell Green, and Hank Green. The trio have been collecting potential questions via the #YouTubeAsksObama hashtag.

The webcast begins today at 5pm ET/2pm PT.

Watch the live webcast here.


Bethany Mota is a 19-year-old who offers tips in hair and makeup.

Touting more than 3 million subscribers and more than 570 million views, GloZell Green is well, a comedian of sorts. She bills herself as "The Mother of the Internet."

As for Hank Green, he considers himself a nerd. His ability to break down complex social and political issues so his audience of more than 2.5 million subscribers can understand them has earned him a spot in front of the President.

The YouTube event was introduced earlier this month in a promotional video featuring each of the three participants:

Announcing The YouTube Interview with President Obama by YouTube on YouTube

"This continues efforts by the President and his administration to speak directly to the American people online," explained the White House in a release.

Speaking directly to younger voters, Mr. Obama will likely address his newly announced free community college plan and the 2015 White House Student Film Festival.

The live webcast with President Obama begins today (Jan. 22) at 5pm ET/2pm PT.

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