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Police Say Beware After Chase Bank Accounts Unknowingly Opened In People's Names

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- More people are saying they were unknowingly signed up for Chase Bank accounts.

Multiple police agencies are warning people about the scam that comes to your home.

"When I first opened it, I thought, 'Wait a minute," said Ann Tomer.

That was Tomer's reaction when she got a letter in the mail from Chase Bank thanking her for opening a new account. At first, she thought it was junk mail until she got a closer look.

"It was my name with a whole account number and then it said this is a debit card for your checking account," Tomer said.

Tomer never applied for the card, and she isn't the only person going through this.

It's become so much of an issue that Pittsburgh and Mt. Lebanon police departments have taken to social media to say dozens of people are being impacted.

"Part of me is concerned that a lot of people are just going to throw it away," Tomer said. "They have no idea that people are using their name to launder funds or do something that is not above the boards and that could come back potentially to really harm them."

Tomer said she straightened the situation out after contacting the bank and filing a police report.

Chase Bank offers $200 to new customers who open an account and set up direct deposits. Police say that may have been the motivation for whoever opened all the accounts.

Police also say to keep your personal information off the internet and check your credit report.

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