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Police: Man Who Broke Into House With Cat Put On Homeowner's Christmas Onesie

GRESHAM, Ore. (CBS Local) -- A man and his cat made themselves right at home during a burglary over the weekend, according to police in Oregon.

Investigators said Ryan Douglas Bishop, 38, and a cat named Spaghetti broke into a house in Gresham on Sunday afternoon.

Bishop apparently got quite comfortable during the burglary as police said he made coffee, ate a cupcake, played video games and raided the clothes dryer for a new outfit. He also allegedly kicked holes in the wall and tore off a mirror from the bathroom wall.

When the residents returned to the house, they noticed things were out of place. They also heard noises from a crawl space beneath the house. When they opened the crawl space door, a cat came out wearing a dog shirt.

Believing "something or someone" much larger than the cat was also in the crawl space, the homeowners called police.

When officers arrived, Bishop emerged from the crawl space. The woman who lives in the home pointed out that he was wearing her "Christmas onesie" pajamas.

"Indeed he was," the Gresham Police Department told KPTV. "She requested it not be returned."

Homeowner Timothy Smith, 24, said he and his fiancée spent the last year looking for a house and they finally closed on this one.

"We needed it because we're getting married in October," he told CBS affiliate KOIN. But "someone came in and ruined the sanctity of my own home before I was even moved in."

Bishop was booked on charges of burglary, criminal mischief and theft. Smith said police also found drug paraphernalia at the scene.

Animal control was called out to deal with Spaghetti, but Smith doesn't think it belongs to Bishop.

"I know this is not his cat," Smith said. "It's too well-groomed, too well-fed. It looks fine. He took this cat from someone, and so it's just another victim."

Smith is hoping to find Spaghetti's owner on social media.

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