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Man Charged After Putting Police Lights On Car To Slow Down Speeding Drivers

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CHAMPION (KDKA) -- A man is being accused of impersonating a police officer after he put police lights on his car in an attempt to slow down drivers near his Champion home.

Rick McMillen says people fly at breakneck speeds up and down County Line Road.

"They go, like, 100 miles an hour," he said.

State police say McMillen decided to try to slow down drivers by taking the law into his own hands by pretending to be the law. Hooking red and blue police lights to his black cavalier, which is against the law, McMillen posted himself on County Line Road, lights flashing, hoping to be a visual deterrent to speeders and get their attention.

He managed to get the attention of state police.

"Once the trooper pulled up on scene, he took his lights down from his dashboard," Trooper Stephen Limani said.

When confronted by the trooper about the illegal lights, he essentially said, "So what?" With the passage of time, McMillen's attitude hasn't changed much.

KDKA's Ross Guidotti: "Do you even care you were using those lights?"
McMillen: "No."

McMillen faces summary counts of impersonating a police officer.

"Obviously, it wasn't very well thought out from the beginning," Limani said.

Meanwhile, McMillen says he's going to pay his fine and get on with the rest of his life.

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