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Pittsburghers Divided Over City's Push For Bike Lanes

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - May is National Bike Month, and there's an increased focus on bicyclist safety.

In Pittsburgh, the issue is front and center as the city installs miles and miles of bike lanes. But those bike lanes are a great divide for Pittsburghers.

If you think you're seeing more and more bike lanes sprouting up in Pittsburgh, you're not wrong. And when it comes to opinions about the bike lanes, not everyone is traveling down the same path.

Pittsburgh has about 75 miles of bike paths. And the plan is to eventually quadruple that amount.

"The more the better. I think it's good for the people. I think it's good for the city," said one Pittsburgher.

"I don't like them, cause they're taking all the roads. The cars got less space," said another.

Can we all just get along? How can drivers and cyclists co-exist on Pittsburgh's narrow streets? PennDOT says you can start by obeying the law. Drivers are required to give cyclists space. But bikers have laws to follow, too.

"Bicyclists are considered vehicles on the road. This means that bicyclists must abide by all the same traffic laws as a regular vehicle," said Yasmeen Manyisha with PennDOT.

It's also created issues for some businesses. One downtown medical firm says it's moving out after losing parking spaces for patients to bike lanes.

"We're really disappointed they took away the parking here and put in the bike lanes. We have a lot of patients who need the handicapped parking," said Laura Serena.

It's even become a political issue, as Mayor Peduto pushes to make Pittsburgh a more bike-friendly city.

"This isn't really a biking city. I understand what Peduto is trying to do. But this isn't Europe, it's Pittsburgh," said Serena.

"I think the bike lanes in Pittsburgh have really come a long way. I think they're good for the people. Bringing the city back to the people. They can use it. And I love it," said a cyclist.

Love them or hate them, get ready for them, because there's a bike lane coming to your neighborhood if you live in Pittsburgh.

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