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Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority Unveils Homewood Pedestrian Improvement Product

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A plan is in place to revitalize Homewood's infrastructure and improve the quality of life for its residents and visitors.

Mayor William Peduto joined URA Executive Director Greg Flisram, Deputy Executive Director Diamonte Walker, staff from Representative Ed Gainey's office and Councilman Reverend Ricky Burgess's office, key stakeholders, and members of the community for a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday to celebrate the Homewood Pedestrian Improvement Project.

Through this project, $1,089,359 was directly invested into the community.

"Homewood is vital to Pittsburgh's future," Mayor William Peduto said in a press release.

Improvements included:

  • New pedestrian scale lighting, street trees, and street furniture, including benches, trash receptables, and bike racks on Homewood Avenue between the East Busway and Hamilton Avenue
  • New crosswalks and ADA ramps along pedestrian paths to Faison School and the East Busway
  • Sidewalk and curb replacement along Tioga Street to ensure pedestrian safety -- Sidewalks in many areas along Tioga Street were completely missing or damaged causing pedestrians to walk in the streets.
  • Flashing school speed limit signage on Tioga Street
  • Traffic calming on Finance Street -- Speed humps were installed on Finance Street to discourage speeding, as well as the truck traffic that uses this residential street and school route as a pass-through.

"The Homewood Pedestrian Improvement Project concentrates investment in the neighborhood's infrastructure, improving quality of life for its residents and visitors."

"I want to thank all of our partners for helping to bring this project to fruition," said URA Deputy Executive Director Diamonte Walker in a press release.

"Special commendation to the Homewood residents, particularly those in cluster four.

These residents put the pedestrian safety needs of Homewood children first, which will more broadly benefit residents and businesses along the corridor."

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