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T Service Restored After Ice Brought Down Electrical Lines That Power The Cars

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Rail lines on the T were put on hold temporarily due to icy conditions.

The lines were restored Friday evening.

As the morning began on Friday, people were trying to make their commute to work in snow and ice, overnight ice accumulation on the power lines for the T went down, rendering it useless. It was remedied Friday night.

Now, they are running regular service; however, the Red Line is taking an alternative route due to the bridge that is now shut down.

"We saw dense, heavy, very wet ice fall. All that weight caused the overhead to collapse in the worst possible location," said Port Authority spokesperson Adam Brandolph said Friday morning.

About 70 rail cars that use the silver, red and blue lines were affected. Crews towed the rail cars from the yard and onto the live track.

"They've powered down the overhead lines and if repairs need to be made, inspecting and then repairing them. And then they have to physically go up and then hang those overhead powerlines," Brandolph said.

A bus shuttle was provided between South Hills Village and downtown Pittsburgh, but it was only able to serve the high-level platforms.

WATCH: Interview With Port Authority Spokesperson Adam Brandolph

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