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Steelers fans pumped for 'Monday Night Football' game against Browns

Steelers fans loud and proud before 'Monday Night Football' against Browns
Steelers fans loud and proud before 'Monday Night Football' against Browns 02:38

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Steelers fans were pumped up for Monday's game against the Browns at Acrisure Stadium.

Before kickoff, fans cooked on grills, listened to music and played games before heading into the stadium for the 8:15 p.m. kickoff.

There was plenty of excitement for the rivalry game, but what was unusual was that the Steelers were underdogs at home for the first time in decades against the Browns.

"I just hope they play better," Doug Angerman of Oakmont said before the game. "It's up to the Steelers. I think coaching was the problem with last week."

Steelers fans pumped for game against Browns 01:14


"It's always good to be an underdog when you are facing a dog," Garret Fleet of Aliquippa said before the game. "You have to have that hunger and go out and get it."

While many athletes have superstitions and rituals to bring a win, fans do too.

"A shot of tequila right before kickoff," Jason Chapman of Maryland said. "Last week, I didn't do it. I apologize."

"We wear out kilts," Randy Dotson of Arkansas said. "We represent."

"I wear these shoes," Jacqueline Lamghari of Las Vegas said. "These red bottom shoes. Every time I wear these, we never lose."

The black and gold diehards are ready to forget about Week 1's loss to the San Francisco 49ers and cheer on the team to a win. 

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