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Second Egg Laid At Hays Bald Eagles' Nest

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The bald eagle pair nesting in Pittsburgh's Hays neighborhood now have a second egg.

The egg was first spotted in the nest today around 2 p.m.

(Photo Courtesy: Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania)

The pair's first egg was laid on Friday.

According to the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania, it typically takes about 35 days for eggs to hatch.

The Audubon Society says an adult bald eagle will remain on the nest constantly to incubate the egg. The nest is never left unattended.

The eagles will roll the eggs to keep a constant temperature within.

(Photo Courtesy: Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania)

There's typically a two- to four-day span in between laying eggs. The first egg of 2020 was laid on Feb. 13 and it hatched on March 21.

You can watch the Hays Bald Eagle camera anytime on the KDKA website!


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