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Ohio Faces Legalization Of Marijuana

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Ohio is politically conservative, but voters there may vote on Nov. 3 to legalize marijuana.

"I got a daughter with rheumatoid arthritis," said Bob Ware of Steubenville. "I'd rather see her smoke marijuana than take them pills they keep shoving down her throat. Recreational use? It's just like alcohol. You got to draw the line somewhere."

A yes vote on issue 3 would allow 10 commercial facilities to grow cannabis and adults could purchase, possess and use up to 1 ounce of marijuana, both medicinally or recreationally.

"People drink and party at their house, and they can do it the same way if they can just control it and do it righteous," said Ronny Freshwater of Steubenville.

Residents in the Steubenville area were divided on the issue.

"Only thing marijuana is going to do is lead one thing to the next. It's as simple as that. That's my opinion. I wouldn't vote for it," said William Anthony of Bloomingdale, Ohio.

"I think if you decide to do any drug more than marijuana, that's just a choice you choose.That's all," said Clarence Hubbard of Steubenville.

"If they separated it and made it legal for medical use, I would vote yes, but for recreational use, no," said Dave Alvis of Steubenville.

Polls suggest a yes vote on legalization is possible.

Everybody knows that state borders are pretty porous which means if Ohio legalizes marijuana there are plenty of folks in our area who will cross the state line and hop on 22 to get their weed.

We found some in Market Square.

"Beyond a doubt, sir. Beyond a doubt. I love the stuff. It keeps me well," said one Pittsburgher.

Patrick Nightingale of Pittsburgh Norml, who supports full legalization like in Colorado, says Ohio will take dollars out of this state.

"They've raised more money in legal cannabis sales than they have in legal alcohol sales," said Nightingale.
Of course, it would still be illegal to bring Ohio cannabis into the state, but ...

"Pennsylvanians cross the border for moonshine. Why ain't they gonna cross the border for weed?" asked Ware.

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