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Port Authority Lays Out 'NEXTransit' Plan For The Future Of Pittsburgh Public Transit

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - How would you feel about possibly traveling to work in the sky?

That dream could become a reality given the new plans laid out by the Port Authority.

In total, they're laying out 18 projects between now and the next 25 years that could change the future of how Pittsburgh uses public transit.

It's all part of what the Port Authority is calling "NEXTransit" and the work is the culmination of two years of work, which includes public input.

What are some of these projects?

One includes a new corridor from Monroeville to the East Busway along the Parkway East.

Meanwhile, another could be providing rapid transit to Pittsburgh International Airport.

However, the most attractive project thus far appears to be a suspended line connecting the Hill District to the Strip District.

It would be used for cable cars so people can get around, with the possibility of travel extending to Oakland and Hazelwood, as well.

There are also discussions of a downtown Pittsburgh centralized transit center and expanding light rail service to Bellevue and Ross.

The big question that everyone always asks - how much will all of this cost?

Port Authority's rollout of NEXTransit is the first time numbers have been discussed and it's believed it will cost between 3 and 4 billion dollars.

Port Authority is still planning more public input meetings in the future.

You can find those dates, times, and details on the Port Authority website.


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