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New Stem Cell Procedure Gives Hope To Pain Sufferers

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) -- Stem cells have been used to treat cancer patients, multiple sclerosis and other conditions. Now, a local practice, Rehabilitation and Pain Specialists, is bringing to the Pittsburgh area a non-surgical adult stem cell procedure to treat pain in patients.

Dr. Marc Adelsheimer, the CEO Of Rehabilitation and Pain Specialists, joined KDKA Radio's Larry Richert and John Shumway to talk about the procedure coming to western PA called Regenexx.

Stem cells have been a controversial topic for years and have caused debate among government officials and various groups. The question people want to know is, where do the stem cells come from? Dr. Adelsheimer wants people to know, "the cells that we use are your own stem cells."

He adds they are not using embryonic stem cells but ones that are already present in the patient's body.

"They're in high concentration within [your] bone marrow, we isolate them from the bone marrow and we inject them into the damaged tissue," adds Dr. Adelsheimer.

The procedure could possibly "reverse some of the arthritic processes," within one's body," the doctor said. Since the procedure is non-surgical it could help people avoid, "a major surgery."

Dr. Adelsheimer says the reason stem cells can help possibly fix conditions like joint injuries, osteoarthritis and non-healing fractures is because stem cells are the cells that heal the body and can "turn it any other cell." says Dr. Adelsheimer.

He adds, "the problem is we don't have [stem cells] in high enough concentration in the area," where the damage is.

Healing could take, "up to three months before you notice significant pain relief," says Dr. Adelsheimer. But since the procedure is non-surgical there is, "very little down time" with up to 90 percent claiming improvement.

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Dr. Marc Adelsheimer

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