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New Documentary Sheds Light On Struggles Of Deployed Servicewomen Returning Home

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Transitioning from military life to civilian life can be tough for any veteran. Now, we're learning more about the struggle for female veterans in particular.

There's a new film that's gaining ground, but it needs the public's help to become a reality.

They were asked to go to war, then come home, and almost pretend nothing ever happened.

"You are supposed to come back and just fit in where you left off, but you can't because you are forever changed -- in good ways, very good ways -- but also in other ways that are not so positive," U.S. Army Individual Ready Reserves Lt. Col. Ivonne Daly said.

Now, a documentary called "Journey to Normal" details the lives of eight women who served in various branches of the service doing many different jobs.

It focuses on their trials of reintegrating to life stateside.

"People don't realize the effect that it has and how it affects everybody, not just veterans because the change of women and their role in the military is directly affecting the fabric of society," Theodora Polamalu said.

The film is headed to its final stages of editing, but more money is needed to have it ready for the major film festivals.

Troy and Theodora Polamalu are stepping up to help by holding a fundraiser Monday, June 8 at the new Hotel Monaco.

Theodora's grandfather served in the pacific during World War II. Reaching out to veterans is something she and Troy have done for years.

"We have been so blessed in our life, truly blessed by the City of Pittsburgh, by Troy's career and just our family's influence on us that we felt that the only way we can actively give back is to promote and help people who serve this country selflessly who are bigger role models than Troy or any athlete," Theodora said.

Daly, who now works as a trauma surgeon at UPMC, is grateful so many have worked so hard to share her story and those of the other women, too.

"I am very grateful that they are taking on, that they have taken on this project that they have embraced it, and help us bring that message in order to get help. There is so much work to be done. There is so much more that is needed, but not only for women -- for men -- for all of us," Daly said.

Hopefully, this documentary will help all veterans complete their journey to normal.

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