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Mix up a 'Bloody Myron' for Your Next Tailgate!

In other cities, they call this a Bloody Mary. But in the City of Champions, we call it a 'Bloody Myron'. Created by Ford Hall of Fans nominee Justin Laveing, this tasty drink is an excellent choice to make for your next tailgate or game day party!

Here are the ingredients for you to create your own 'Bloody Myron' at home:

Bloody myron



Crispy Bacon
Celery Stalk
Peppered Beef Jerky


1 Oz Vodka
1 Oz Lemon Juice
Frank's Red Hot Sauce to taste
Tabasco Hot Sauce to taste
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Dash of Snakeguy Pepper Bloody Mary Mix (can be substituted with another spicy powder, or Franks Red Hot Seasoning)
A spoonful of Cocktail Sauce
2 Oz of Iron City Beer or IC Light, can be substituted with Yeungling Golden Pilsner or Rolling Rock
4 Oz or to taste of V8 Juice
Start with a glass of ice.
Pour in a shaker (or the ice glass) 1 Oz of vodka along with 1 Oz of Lemon Juice.
Throw in Salt, Pepper, your Bloody Mary mix, and then your hot sauces.
Drop in a spoonful of Cocktail Sauce
Add 2 ounces of Iron City Beer.
Top with your V8 Juice
If using a shaker: Mix everything together in your shaker. PRO TIP: Since this recipe includes beer, be very careful to make sure the foam doesn't cause the top of the Shaker to pop off while mixing! Then pour it into your ice glass.
Add a dash of hot sauce to top off.
Then garnish with whatever you like (bacon, pepperoncini, shrimp, etc.)
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