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'You Can't Just Have An Opinion About Climate Change:' Michael Keaton Investing In Pittsburgh And Combating Climate Change

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - He has played lawyers, journalists, and superheroes.

On Sunday night on CBS's 60 Minutes, Pittsburgh native Michael Keaton talked about his life and growing up in Pittsburgh.

It was during his childhood in Pittsburgh that he started to form the characters he would play all based on what he saw on a black and white TV his parents won in a raffle.

"What I watched and learned and grew up on and loved was really television, and old westerns, primarily which I loved, but I wanted to be those people," Keaton recalled.

He started his career as a struggling comedian but got his first break in the Ron Howard film "Night Shift."

Before he was known as the comedic actor, Keaton took other roles in an effort to avoid being typecast.

But it's not just Hollywood where Keaton is avoiding being typecast.

It's here in his hometown.

Keaton has invested in a former steel mill that's been turned into an innovation center as well as a company that is looking to make an eco-friendly alternative to concrete.

"I get this, and I actually like it, if I'm going to have an opportunity to do anything, to put my money where my mouth is, you can't just have an opinion about climate change anymore," Keaton said.

Keaton said he would spend more time on projects like this but he's still an in-demand actor.

He recently just finished filming "The Flash" where he will reprise his role as Batman.

That movie is due out next year.

To see the full 60 Minutes interview with Keaton, head to this link.

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