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Chicago Resident Writes Mayor Bill Peduto Apology Letter For Not Understanding The "Pittsburgh Left"

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - A man from Chicago wrote a letter to Mayor Bill Peduto calling Pittsburghers "neighborly" after he learned about the "Pittsburgh Left."

Mayor Peduto shared a picture of the letter on Twitter.

The writer said he was visiting Pittsburgh and was upset when the light turned green but nobody moved. He thought the car up-front wasn't paying attention to the green light.

After he made a comment that he says offended Pittsburghers, he learned about the "Pittsburgh Left."

The "Pittsburgh Left" is when a car going straight at a light yields for a car making a left turn, letting the left-turning vehicle take precedent over the vehicle going straight.

Once he learned what the drivers were doing, he says the "Pittsburgh Left" shows how Pittsburghers have an "unfathomable level of respect" for our fellow neighbors.

The full letter reads:

"I am writing this letter to offer my sincerest apologies for blighting the honor of your great city. As a non-Pittsburgh resident visiting the "Steel City" I witnessed what I assumed to be stalling drivers who did not immediately accelerate when the light turned green. Incidentally, I innocently made a disparaging comment regarding the "Pittsburgh Left Turn" which I soon discovered had offended several Pittsburghers or "Yinzers." I was informed that these lingering drivers were willing to yield the right-of-way in favor of the first car making a left turn (even without a green arrow), displaying an unfathomable level of respect for their fellow neighbors.

Mr. Mayor, you should be honored to represent a city with such neighborly people and I hope you grant me forgiveness for my remarks. I am anxiously awaiting your response.

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