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Luke Ravenstahl Makes Rare City Hall Appearance

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Political insiders who work at City Hall say recent video of Mayor Luke Ravenstahl at work at City Hall is becoming a rare sight.

Just ask city council president Darlene Harris.

"I haven't seen the mayor recently to talk to," Harris said.

When asked how long it's been since she last saw him, "Well, I saw him in the hall, maybe about a month ago."

City Council President Harris hasn't seen the mayor or talked to the mayor in more than a month. In fact the only way she could even say hello to him was by coming to a charity luncheon today, that he held in an office adjacent to his office.

When asked if it's frustrating not to work with the mayor, Harris said, "I have been able to work with other members of the mayor's cabinet."

Right across the street is where the county executive's Rich Fitzgerald's office is located. It seems easy to get to, so when Fitzgerald got elected, he said to the mayor, "let's schedule meeting here twice a month."

But in year, the mayor has only showed up for two meetings.

Fitzgerald says he hasn't even had a glance at the mayor in months.

He says without his leadership, all city departments could suffer.

"If they're not there, department heads, directors start doing their own thing and we've seen over the years where that can really cause trouble," he said.

But a small group of people did get to see the mayor today, as part of the charity fundraiser.

And as soon as it was over, he left the building.

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