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Local Voters Hoping For Cooperation In Washington D.C.

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- After Tuesday's election, America is essentially right where it was before voters went to the polls.

A Democratic president is still in the White House and Democrats are still in control of the Senate.

But Republicans still control the House.

Same president, same balance of power in Congress and they've had difficulty getting anything done for the past few years -- so can there be cooperation now?

It really doesn't matter whether they voted for the President or Gov. Mitt Romney, people today are anxious to see some progress in Washington D.C., and they are not very optimistic.

Bellevue is the kind of place where personal responsibility, faith and patriotism are the foundations of life.

So, when Bill Rodgers turned his flag upside down Wednesday, it was more than a casual statement.

"I think our country is in distress right now," Rodgers said.

The Vietnam vet doesn't like the way the President has done his job.

"I'm not protesting against the office," he said. "It's the man."

And his disdain extends to Capitol Hill.

"I think the parties are so set in their ways, there's not going to be much compromise," Rodgers said.

So, he finds little in Barack Obama's re-election to be cheerful about.

"I guess I'll support him, but it just grates me the wrong way," he said.

"I think he's going to be alright, he'll do good, he'll do better," Otis Swanson of Bellevue said.

The hope there is born out of real concerns.

"I want to see the government spending to slow down, the money that they spend -- taxpayer dollars to get done, I think is just ridiculous," Sue Nuss of Bellevue said.

Vincent Homistek sells flowers near the landmark Bellevue sign and hopes for progress on Capitol Hill.

"I would like them to create a lot more jobs for a lot of unemployed Americans and take the ones that are homeless off the streets," Homistek said.

Hope, it was the theme of the President's remarks Tuesday night, but you won't find much at the Dari-Villa Restaurant where the stuffed green peppers special is served with a side of compromise skepticism.

"Every four years they say the same thing and nothing really changes," Dominic Schepis at the restaurant said.

And folks there say it's time to see some compromise

"I hope so 'cause they are grown men and women and they should," Ann Pavlis of Bellevue said. "They should realize all they are hurting is us, they are hurting their own constituents and that's not good because if they hurt us some more they won't be back."

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