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Local Woman Looking To Reunite Mystery Family With Lost Photos

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - If you have ever lost something, you know how frustrating it can be trying to find it.

Now, imagine if what you lost was family photographs. A local woman is searching to find the family that lost a memory card full of photos.

"I'm all about family. I have a husband and two sons and seven grandkids. I'm always taking pictures and you know -- they are memories," Bobbi Sangricco said.

A family Sangricco has never met has lost almost 200 of their photos and her son found them in a smashed camera at the recycling facility where he works.

"The broken camera showed up and he thought let me see if the SIM card is okay and it was. So when I put it into my computer, it was 172 pictures of a family," Sangricco said.

Knowing these priceless moments can never be captured again, Sangricco tried to find the family.

"I put mom and dad on Facebook and I asked my friends to repost, repost, you know the six degrees of separation-type thing, but no luck," Sangricco said.

Then, she called KDKA. We were able to extract the photos. As it turns out, there are five video clips and 165 pictures, including a family trip to Arizona, Texas, Missouri and Kansas and a visit to the deer park at Pymatuming.

From the birthday cake, we know the father's name is Joe. Son, Jake, celebrates his 10th birthday. Younger sister, Erin, turns 9.

The biggest clue to who they are and where they are from may be the blue T-shirt mom is wearing. The logo reads Fort Leboeuf Bisons, which is the mascot for a school district in Waterford, Pa southeast of Erie.

"They probably have it backed up someplace else. They probably have the pictures someplace else, so hopefully they did, but if they didn't then they are going to get them back," Sangricco said.

If you recognize the family or know how to contact them, call us at KDKA so we can help Sangricco return this tiny slice of this mystery family's memories.

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