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Local Firefighters Make Big Donation

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Bethel Park firefighters are making a generous donation to one of the hardest-hit areas by Superstorm Sandy.

The Bethel Park Volunteer Fire Company is donating a fire truck to a department in Queens, N.Y. which was completely wiped out by sandy.

Bethel Park Fire Chief Dave Gerber says the department hasn't been able to sell its 24-year-old former truck since buying a new one in January.

A new truck can cost close to $500,000 and despite its age, Bethel Park firefighters say the older truck is in perfect working condition.

"Hopefully when our truck gets there -- I'm sure they'll make good use of it," Gerber said.

Members of the Bethel Park department were inspired after seeing a video of the destruction in Queens and the complete destruction of the Broad Channel Volunteer Fire Department's fire truck.

"I can't imagine that kind of devastation," Gerber said. "We've had some micro-bursts and stuff around here that have knocked trees down and made a mess, but it's nothing in comparison to what they have up there."

The fire truck is stocked with supplies and Tuesday, it will make its way to the Broad Channel in Queens, N.Y.

Another fire department in Minnesota has also donated a truck to the department in Queens.

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