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Local Company Offers "Party On Wheels" With 16-Person Bike

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Pittsburghers wanting to tour the city or have a ride during a trip to the bars on the North Shore can do so in a unique way.

The Pittsburgh Party Pedaler lets up to 16 people ride on a giant bike complete with a bar tap.

"A 16-person party on wheels," says Bryan Joseph with the Pittsburgh Party Pedaler.

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Although it doesn't yet offer alcohol on the ride, the company says its "mission is to provide a fun, safe, environmentally-friendly way for groups of eight to sixteen adults to get some light exercise and fresh air while touring interesting parts of town on a big Dutch-made bike."

Although an employee steers the bike, a dozen riders on either side of it help power it by pedaling.

And there are a few seats that don't have pedals if you can't or don't want to pedal.

"If you're not really up for the challenge of pedaling, we can accommodate that too," Joseph said.

The Party Pedaler offers several routes along the North Shore, Strip District and downtown.

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