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Kristen Bell Touts 'This Bag Saves Lives' To Help Distribute Malaria Treatments

Re-usable grocery bags are good for the environment, but a certain bag backed by "Veronica Mars" and "Frozen" star Kristen Bell is taking it one step further.

The Michigan-raised actress is showing another side of her talents beside acting and singing by helping to fight malaria around the world. The impactful design on the bag with the words "This Bag Saves Lives" emblazoned on each stripe was part of Bell's handiwork.

A new product by This Bar Saves Lives, a charitable food bar company, the bag is co-designed by Bell. The fashionable bags not only look cool, but when you buy one for $28 -- the company will distribute a malaria treatment to someone in need.

Bell Tweeted about it to her 1.68 million followers on Wednesday with a photo of her holding the bag complete with bread, flowers and gorgeous lighting.

Not to pigeonhole the bags to the grocery store the product description reads, "... this classic jute tote is the perfect companion at the farmer's market, independent bookstore, or beach."

Touching all the bases of ethical business the bags are manufactured sustainably with vegan recycled materials.

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