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'Knight's Forge' eSports tournament being hosted in the Pittsburgh area this weekend

Knight's Forge eSports tournament happening in Pittsburgh
Knight's Forge eSports tournament happening in Pittsburgh 00:52

BRIDGEVILLE (KDKA) - Video game tournaments, streaming, and eSports are now among the most-streamed events on the internet. 

Now, a brand new gaming area will bring the biggest semi-professional eSports tournament to the Pittsburgh area. 

The Knight's Forge Tournament kicked off on Thursday at the arena on the upper level of the Phoenix Movie Theater in Bridgeville. 

Thirty-two teams are facing off for a $15,000 prize pool and event organizers have said it's a unique chance to cheer the teams on in person. 

"Usually major eSports tournaments are happening in Europe, South America, or when they're in the U.S., they're on the West Coast," said Angelica Sirabella, the Director of Marketing of the Pittsburgh Knights, Pittsburgh's own eSports team. "This is a really big opportunity to see a semi-pro eSports tournament on a pretty large scale. It's just like traditional sports, you're going to have [broadcasters], you're going to have analysts, there's going to be an analyst desk here, it's really cool." 

The event runs until Sunday at 3 p.m. in Bridgeville. 

The $15,000 prize pool breaks down with the top team taking home $8,000, second place getting $4,000, and third and fourth place getting $1,500. 

Tickets as well as a schedule can be found on the Knights' website right at this link

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