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Judge drops perjury charge against off-duty Beaver County officer, involuntary manslaughter charges stand

Perjury charge dropped against off-duty officer
Perjury charge dropped against off-duty officer 00:38

MONACA (KDKA) - A judge dropped one of five charges against a police officer in Beaver County. 


According to prosecutors, Center Township Police officer John Hawk knocked Kenneth Vinyard to the ground after a shooting outside of the Walmart in Monaca two years ago. 

The coroner ruled that his death was an accident but said Vinyard hit his head on the pavement and that contributed to his death. 

Police said that Vinyard was trying to help someone who had been shot and Hawk was off-duty at the time. 

A perjury charge against Hawk was dropped, but others are still being sent to trial including a charge of involuntary manslaughter. 

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