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Joe Biden Speaks To Pennsylvania Delegation On Day 2 Of Democratic National Convention

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Tuesday is the second day of the four-day Democratic National Convention.

If this were the actual convention in Milwaukee, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the Democratic party bigwigs would each drop by one of the Pennsylvania delegation's breakfasts this week. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, that cannot happen. So a drop in through video conference late Tuesday afternoon was the next best thing.

"The vice president talked about his Scranton roots and that he married a Philadelphia girl and he's committed to bringing our economy back, committed to his Pennsylvania values, and they are what really make him the man he is today," said delegate Christian Sesek.

Sesek of Brownsville and Bibi Boerio of Latrobe were part of the 15-minute video call with Biden, who had a message for the delegates.

"This election is critical for Pennsylvania because our unemployment rate is higher than the national average," said Boerio.

Both delegates said Pittsburgh came up as the vice president regrets he can't be here for the traditional Labor Day parade. But he seemed to make a pledge.

"He made a commitment that he won't make this year's, but he will be back in 2021, God willing, as president," Boerio said.

The call came hours before Tuesday's primetime action, which will feature former President Bill Clinton and Dr. Jill Biden, who will offer personal reflections on her husband. Also, watch for a joint speech by 17 young Democrats, including Rep. Conor Lamb.

"We are all basically delivering lines in one larger speech because the technology allows you to do that," Rep. Lamb said. "I think it's a way that Vice President Biden is choosing to demonstrate that he as a lot of support among young people."

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