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Investigation Into Baldwin Woman's Death Continues

CANONSBURG (KDKA) - Police have released new information just one day after Karissa Kunco's ex-boyfriend was charged with her murder.

When Kunco failed to show up for a tanning appointment, her mom immediately went to police

"We had a feeling from the beginning this could have a bad outcome and that's why all these agencies pursued it so diligently," Baldwin Police Chief Michael Scott said.

They had a bad feeling because of threats that had been made by her estranged boyfriend Jordan Clemons.

Immediately, Baldwin Police started tracking the cells phones of both Kunco and Clemons.

While cell phone tracking is far from pinpoint, it became apparent they were both in Washington County and in close proximity to each other.

"At this point, he has not been charged with kidnapping," Pennsylvania State Police Lt. Chris Neal said.

The cell phone tracking pointed to the Hickory and Houston area.

It was not far from where Clemons would be seen at the Trinity Point Walmart on video at 2:15 a.m. the next day.

He was seen exiting Kunco's car, entering the store and using one of her credit cards to buy an Xbox 360.

Four hours later, he was again spotted in Cecil Townsihp at a convenience store trying to buy cigarettes with another card.

Police won't say much about what they know of Kunco's death.

"The evidence that we have at this point in time leads us to believe that she was killed in Washington County," District Attorney Gene Vittone said.

Investigators said Kunco was stabbed and her body was discovered earlier this month in a wooded area near Hickory, Washington County.

When Clemons surrendered to police, his hands were cut and he had blood on his clothing.

A preliminary hearing will be held on Feb. 1.

Stay with KDKA for full reports on this developing story.

Ex-Boyfriend Charged In Slain Baldwin Woman's Death
Ex-Boyfriend Of Slain Baldwin Woman In Court
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