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How to prevent frostbite

How to prevent frostbite
How to prevent frostbite 00:45

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - When we deal with low temperatures, it only takes minutes before you are at risk for frostbite.

It happens when temperatures get under 31 degrees and can cause body tissues to freeze and nerves to go numb.

It can lead to life-long damage if not caught early.

"Prevention is key in frostbite. You need to, first off, when you're going into the environment, think very deliberately about what you are going to wear, what you need to protect from. Do you even need to go out in the cold snaps that we've had in the last few years?" said Dr. Andrew Yocum of the Cleveland Clinic.

The doctor added to start quickly re-warming if you notice your skin becomes discolored or leathery.

Be careful if you're using water. It can be hard to tell the actual temperature.

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