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Health Dept. Issues Alert Over Roach Problem At Food Court Restaurant

ROBINSON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) - A pizza place in the food court in the Mall at Robinson is in danger of being shut down.

The Allegheny County Health Department says it's infested with roaches and health inspectors have issued a consumer alert.

It's called Villa Pizza. KDKA couldn't bring news camera into the food court at the mall, but we took cell phone video.

The Health Department issued a consumer warning here after receiving a lot of complaints.

"When the inspector opened up the stove, she indicated to me it was almost like a Steelers game letting out," said Steve Steingart, of the Allegheny County Health Department. "Numerous cockroaches everywhere. They were in the walls."

These are no ordinary roaches. They are German roaches, a type of roach that is resistant to pesticides and traps and multiplies rapidly. They love places like a stove, and that's where they've been hanging out at Villa Pizza.

They're a definite threat to your health.

"They're actually allergens, bacteria," said Steingart. "There's other things that are associated with these insects. They also give off an odor."

They fear the roaches may spread in the food court. But so far, the Health Department says they've checked nearby restaurants and they all appear to be safe for now.

As for Villa Pizza?

KDKA's Paul Martino: "Is it safe to eat there?"

Steingart: "At the present time, I would say it probably would not be."

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