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Audubon Society 'Monitoring' Plastic Bag In Hays Bald Eagles' Nest

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HAYS (KDKA) -- The Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania says they are "monitoring the situation" after one of the bald eagles in Hays brought a plastic bag into the nest.

According to the Audubon Society, the male eagle brought a plastic bag into the nest around lunchtime Wednesday.

plastic bag hays bald eagles
(Photo Credit: Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania)

Many who watch the Hays bald eagles live stream noticed the bag and expressed concern about the eaglets' and the eagles' safety.

KDKA reached out to the Audubon Society, who said it hasn't caused a problem and there's nothing they can do.

"It isn't uncommon for the birds to bring in items that we think are 'odd' for the nest," the Audubon Society said in a release. "The best case scenario is that the bag will just be integrated into the nest, in the same way that the broken eggshells and food remnants become part of the nest."

The Audubon Society also wants to remind concerned viewers that the webcam provides a view into what the eagles have been doing for years without anyone watching.

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