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Get Marty: Dealership Owner Steps In After Car Waits 7 Months To Get Fixed

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The open road: something Al Miller hasn't seen in his car in a while.

His car was sitting at a car dealer since last December.

"Lots of aggravation," said Miller.

He took it in to get a catalytic converter fixed just before Christmas and he says the dealer wasn't in the Christmas spirit.

"They wouldn't give me a car or a rental, 'cause my car was too old," said Miller.
Since then, Miller says he heard every story, old car, no part, back-ordered part, you name it.

Miller says it's 7 years old with around 63,000 miles on it, but he was told it's done and should just go to the junkyard.

"I bought a new vehicle I couldn't afford because I couldn't get this one back," said Miller.

As a last resort, he reached out to KDKA's Marty Griffin.

"I got Marty," he said. "Marty fixed it."

Marty Griffin made one phone call and ended up in Wexford at Shults Ford. The owner is Richard Bazzy.

"I want to get involved Marty, because I don't want that to represent the brand, how customers are treated at Ford," said Bazzy.

To clarify, Shults Ford had nothing to do with Miller's car or his car problem until KDKA contacted Bazzy. Bazzy immediately stepped in to help and made it his problem.

"And that's the biggest problem here, in my opinion, is there was no communication between anybody," said Bazzy.

Bazzy made a few phone calls to a couple of Ford big shots, found the part for Miller's car and had one of his employees drive to Ohio to pick it up.

"I called Ford," Bazzy said. "Ford stepped right up, got involved. My parts manager picked up the phone, in 15 minutes got the part."

The problem was fixed, Miller's car is fixed and he's extremely thankful. And Miller says he may be a Ford guy once again.

"I had no options," he said, "… call you, you got involved and a week later the car's sitting here."

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