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Get Marty: Blind Kitten Needs Loving Home

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A kitten that survived certain death, only to be left blind, is in need of a caring family and numerous surgeries.

Volunteers have stepped up to take care of the medical bills, but once that is done, the future is uncertain.

A local woman reached out to KDKA's Marty Griffin for help for the blind Kitten.

Melissa Geary found the kitten on her back porch of Connellsville home a few weeks ago.

"She was weak, covered in maggot eggs and it looked like she was blind," says Melissa.

Geary rushed the five-week old kitten to the Duck Hollow Animal Hospital.

"One of the eyes, we do feel has an infection going on. And she is blind," says Doctor Carly Darazio.

Dr. Darazio says the kittens eyes are infected, and that's why surgery is necessary.

The doctor also says when the kitten is strong enough she will have to be operated on.

"I called you immediately," says Melissa Geary. She reached out to KDKA'S Marty Griffin and Get Marty.

As soon as we got involved a number of local vets offered to do the surgery on the kitten for free.

Still, all of those involved believe the kitten must stay in Uniontown.

The Duck Hollow Animal Hospital does not have the resources to do the surgery for free. Also, a significant number of people have called to donate to cover the expenses of the surgery. The cost is expected to reach nearly two thousand dollars.

Geary also says the kitten, that she named Kelly, will need a special home once she fully recovers from the surgery.

Geary has set up a fundraising drive for the kitten, you can help by clicking here.

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